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Electrolytic Tinning Line

Electrolytic tinplate are characterized with precise coating thickness control, shiny and compact coating, good corrosion resistance and outstanding processablity, making them better materials for both wet and dry chemical paints, packages of food, beverages and the package of edible oil.

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Electrolytic tinning (chrome-plating) line is used to form tin or chrome coating at the both sides of strip by passing it through sulfate which will subside tin (chrome) to strip faces. The line consists of uncoiler, welder, storage, degreasing machine, coating tank, oiler, shear, recoiler, etc. Technical Parameters

A. Technical Parameters

1. Raw Material: Cold Rolled Coil, TFS Coil, etc.

2. Strip Width: 600~1050mm

3. Strip Thickness: 0.15~0.55mm

4. Coil OD: φ800~1800mm

5. Process Speed; 100-450m/min

6. Film Thickness: Single Side 0.38~1.5µm

Single Side Tinning 1.1~11.2g/㎡

Single Side Chrome--plating 45~100mg/㎡

7. Capacity: 50,000~100,000 tons per year

8. Energy: Electricity, Nature Gas, Steam, etc.

B. Equipment Character

1. Use acid sulfate electroplate process to clean the strip surface oxide. This process technique has high production rate and low equipment corrosion resistance requirement.

2. Degreasing section, pickling section, and electroplating section adopt vertical tank which covers less area and occupies less space.

3. Electrolytic passivation improves the corrosion resistance of tinned strip and the adhesion with coating when it is coated.

4. Induction and resistance reflow improve the cladding material adhesion with strip to form an alloying film.

5. Coating film thickness detector can monitor and feedback cladding material actual thickness to guide plating current.

6. On-line digital stroboscope can be installed according to custom requirement to check the cladding material.

7. The control system consists of vector motor for Variable frequency speed control, field bus and fiber bus for communication, real time parameter monitor, and other computer control system.

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