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SRI Independently Developed Melt Blown Fabric Production Line

Sep. 16, 2020

The coronavirus pneumonia outbreak at the beginning of 2020 is the most serious public health event that has spread fastest, the infection scope is the most extensive, and the prevention and control is the most difficult in China since the founding of new China. Only when after the strom, can we show the true character of a hero. Fighting coronavirus pneumonia there was no parallel in history. Under the firm leadership of the party and government, 1 billion 400 million Chinese people were very supportive and had a hard time. We all fight together and built a strong bastion of epidemic prevention and control.

Stargroup Research & Integration Co., Ltd. is an intelligent equipment manufacturing technology company invested by Yizhuang State Investment Corporation. In the early stage of the epidemic, it began to organize the group to carry out research on key problems, study the relevant equipment and technology of mask production required for epidemic prevention and control, and develop the mask melt blown fabric production line suitable for the industry demand at the fastest speed. The main technical features of the production line are as follows:

1. High end raw material proportioning system, accurately control the proportion of main material and auxiliary material;

2. The extruder imported from Italy has high precision and stable operation;

3. Melt metering system imported from Switzerland ensures constant pressure at die head;

4. Domestic famous brand melt blown die head, combined with the company's fluid design concept, makes the melt flow more uniform and smooth.

5. The mature speed control model ensures the stability of the production line;

6. Siemens PLC is used in the control system with powerful functions, which lays a good foundation for subsequent product upgrading.

After the product technology development of melt blown line was completed, it was actively promoted to the market. It was recognized by a company in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, and two production lines were signed at one time. Up to now, the meltblown fabric production line has been completed and officially produced. At present, the mask and other epidemic prevention materials are still in a relatively short supply, Xinghe Zhonggong independently developed the mask melt blown cloth production line, which reflects the social responsibility of the enterprise, and is an active demonstration of united efforts to fight the epidemic.

SRI independently developed melt blown fabric production line

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